DFES - Department of Fire and Emergency Services
000 for fire or life threatening emergencies
132 500 for SES emergency assistance
13 DFES (13 3337) for emergency information
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Education and Heritage

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) Education and Heritage Centre features and promotes the history of emergency services in Western Australia and delivers a suite of safety education programs.

The Education and Heritage branch of DFES develops and manages a historical collection of archives representing emergency services and the following career and volunteer groups, WA Fire and Rescue Service (FRS), Bush Fire Service (BFS) State Emergency Service (SES) and Volunteer Marine Rescue Service (VMRS).

DFES Program Coordinators for School Aged Education develop and deliver educational programs and classroom resources.

The centre also provides hazard and emergency information and safety advice for community groups, the public and tourists and is supported by a wonderful group of committed volunteers.

If you would like to know more about the centre’s school programmes, resources, volunteers, view photographs of the centre, or find out about our opening times; exhibits and heritage collection please use the links in the left menu.