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000 for fire or life threatening emergencies
132 500 for SES assistance
13 DFES (13 3337) for emergency information
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Give way to emergency vehicles

Every few minutes an emergency vehicle uses lights and sirens on Western Australian roads to assist someone in a life threatening situation.

You should know what to do and how to respond in such a situation.

Every second counts when firefighters are called out to an incident, which is why it is vital for people to give way safely when an emergency vehicle such as a fire truck approaches.

An emergency vehicle is a vehicle with flashing blue or red lights. The most common emergency vehicles are ambulance, fire and police vehicles.

What should I do if I encounter an emergency vehicle when driving?

  • Most importantly, do not panic.
  • Stay calm and check where the emergency vehicle is coming from.
  • Then give way by merging left if it is safe to do so.
  • If you cannot move left safely you should slow down or stop and let the emergency vehicle overtake you.
  • Do not speed up or try to outrun the vehicle as this is dangerous.
  • Remember, you cannot break the law to give way to an emergency vehicle, for example, driving through a red light.

Can I be penalised for not giving way to emergency vehicles?

  • Yes. It is an offence not to give way to an emergency vehicle. The penalty is a fine and loss of demerit points.
Give way to emergency vehicles

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