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Bushfires are a part of every Australian summer. They can start suddenly, move quickly and affect large areas.

Typically, Western Australia’s bushfire season runs between November and April in the South West, while the northern bushfire season runs from June to late October.

Bushfires can be devastating and have a lasting impact on communities.

People have been killed or seriously injured, and homes destroyed during bushfires.

If you live near bush, even in a metropolitan area, bushfire is a real threat to you and your family. You need to understand your bushfire risk so you can prepare your home, develop a survival plan and know what to do when a bushfire starts.

Download a copy of Prepare. Act. Survive. and other DFES Bushfire Publications available here, to help you and your family stay safe.




Prepare your family, home or business. Know your bushfire risk and develop a bushfire survival plan.


Act on the fire danger ratings. Put your preparations into action, do not wait and see.


Survive by monitoring conditions if a fire starts. Know the bushfire warning alert levels and what you will do if you are caught in a fire.

Click here for a full listing of DFES's bushfire publications.

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