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Evaporative Air Conditioners

Your evaporative air conditioning unit can catch fire from embers coming through from bushfires or even small back yard fires that can happen in your neighbourhood.

If a fire starts in your air conditioner, it can spread quickly throughout your home.

If there is smoke nearby, you should:

  • Run the air conditioner to wet the filter pads
  • When smoke is over your home or ash starts to drop around your house, switch the air conditioner off
  • If the unit can run water over the filter with the fan turned off, continue to do so
  • If the water can’t be run on its own, or if there is a power failure at the time, wet the air conditioner filter pads using a garden hose
  • Keep checking your air conditioner and the area around your home for spot fires from embers until the danger has passed

If embers get into the roof space of your home, it can be difficult for firefighters to put the fire out.

Knowing what to do to keep your evaporative air conditioner safe from fire can help save your property.

If your home does catch fire leave your home and call Triple Zero (000) immediately.

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