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Waroona Fire Special Inquiry

The Report of the Special Inquiry into the January 2016 Waroona Fire has been released and is now being considered by the State Government.

Work is already underway on many of the recommendations contained in the report and DFES will await direction on broader proposals.

Once a clear way forward is established, we will work in partnership with multiple agencies and thousands of volunteers to implement any necessary changes.

You can access the report on the Public Sector Commission's website.

Excerpts from Special Inquirer Euan Ferguson’s Media Statement Issued 23 June, 2016

Reframing Rural Fire Management: Report of the Special Inquiry into the January 2016 Waroona Fire

"This was a very complex fire - indeed probably the most complex fire I have seen in my 39 years of rural firefighting. Fire controllers were at the mercy of severe weather and fuel conditions. There were a number of factors, outside the control of the Incident Management Team, that limited their options and made their job extremely difficult. Some oversights have been identified. This is to be expected when working under extreme pressure in a dynamic and volatile emergency situation. It is my view that the Incident Management Team members, firefighters and support staff always acted in good faith, and to the best of their ability. These are good, experienced and capable people who did their best in extraordinary conditions. I have confidence in their abilities into the future."

To read the full statement, visit https://publicsector.wa.gov.au/node/4667/.