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Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service

There are over 2,300 Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service (VFRS) members from 94 brigades in Western Australia who provide firefighting and prevention services throughout the state.

VFRS firefighters undertake a range of responsibilities including:

Through comprehensive training, VFRS firefighters learn to operate the wide range of equipment, vehicles and appliances used for fire suppression including charged hose lines, portable pumps, tankers and communications.

DFES provides VFRS training in:

  • Personal and team safety
  • Structural and bushfire fighting
  • Communications
  • First aid
  • Vehicle driving both on and off road
  • Leadership and emergency management procedures

For incidents involving road crash rescues and hazardous materials emergencies, specialised equipment such as the ‘jaws of life’ hydraulic rams, cutters and spreaders, decontamination equipment and protective clothing are used.

Not all firefighters’ work involves firefighting or rescue. Volunteers actively promote fire education programs through schools, service groups, seniors' homes and local businesses. Training for this type of work is also provided by DFES Fire Services managers.

If you would like more information about becoming a Fire and Rescue Services Volunteer, please review this flyer (2.3 MB PDF).

If you are looking for opportunities to volunteer in your local area, please visit the Emergency Services Volunteer Recruitment website.

You can also contact your local VFRS brigade or visit The Volunteer Fire and Rescue Services Association of WA.

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