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Bush Fire Service

West Australians (WA) in rural and pastoral areas rely heavily on Bush Fire Brigades (BFB) for protection against the threat and devastation of fire.

Over 19.500 bush fire service volunteers protect WA from bushfires through fire prevention and risk management, fire suppression and fire safety education.

These volunteers operate through 566 BFB’s, which are administered and trained by respective Local Governments and supported by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES).

BFB volunteer firefighters are trained to operate equipment, vehicles and appliances used in fire suppression operations.

BFB volunteers are trained in:

  • Personal and team safety
  • Fire suppression methods
  • Vehicle driving on and off road
  • Communications
  • First aid
  • Leadership and emergency management procedures

Not all of the volunteer work involves active fire containment or rescue activities. DFES provides training for fire education programs that involve volunteers visiting schools, service groups, seniors' homes and local businesses to promote safety messages.

On Perth's urban bushland fringe some brigades have both Bush Fire Brigades and Volunteer Fire and Rescue Services operating out of the same facility.

There are many dimensions to being a BFB volunteer. DFES strongly supports the recruitment of both male and female volunteers representing a wide diversity of ages, cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

If you would like more information about becoming a Bush Fire Brigade Volunteer, please review this recruitment flyer (1.6 MB PDF).

If you are looking for opportunities to volunteer in your local area, please visit the Emergency Services Volunteer Recruitment website.

You can also contact your local government, local brigade or Bushfire Volunteers.

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