DFES - Department of Fire and Emergency Services
000 for fire or life threatening emergencies
132 500 for SES emergency assistance
13 DFES (13 3337) for emergency information
General enquiries | Hearing or speech impaired contacts
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ESL Publications



General Publications



ESL Administration

ESL_Manual_of_Operating_Procedures_2021_22.pdfESL Manual of Operating Procedures 2021-221087 KB
MOP-2020-21.pdfESL Manual of Operating Procedures1076 KB
ESL_Option_B_Explained.pdfESL_Option_B_Explained108 KB
Mining_Exploration_Policy.pdfMining_Exploration_&_Exploration _Exemptions125 KB
ESL_Property_Use_Queries_and_Objections.pdfESL_Property_Use_Queries_Objections_&_Appeals75 KB


ESL Rates and Charging Declarations - All Years

ESL_Rates_and_Charges_All-Years_2003-04_to_2020-21.pdfESL Rates Charges Declarations All-Years25 KB
ESL_Rates_Charges_Declarations_All_Years.pdfESL Rates Charges Declarations All-Years43 KB


ESL Billing by Local Governments - All Years

ESL-Billing-By-LGs-2003-04-to-2012-13.pdfESL Billing By LGs 2003-04 to 2012-1397 KB
ESL_Billing_By_LGs_2003_04_to_2020_21.pdfESL Billing By LGs 2003-04 to 2020-21265 KB
ESL-Billing-By-LGs-2013-14-to-2019-20.pdfESL Billing By LGs 2013-14 to 2019-2073 KB


ESL Administration Fee Paid to Local Governments

LG_ADMIN_FEE_OVER_TIME_2019-20.pdfESL Administration Fee Paid to Local Governments125 KB
Local_Government_Administration_Fee_to_2020_21.pdfLocal Government Administration Fee to 2020-21251 KB


ESL Forms


ESL Technical Updates

Technical Updates 1 to 21 - Consolidated for ESL Section of DFES Website.pdfConsolidated ESL Technical Updates 1 to 21697 KB


Local Government Grants - BFB & SES

FESA_CUC_2010_New.pdfFESA CUC 201030 KB
Resource-to-Risk-Assessment-Summary-sheet-BFB-only.docxResource to Risk Assessment Summary Sheet - BFB only168 KB
Resource-to-Risk-Business-Case-proforma-BFB-only.docxResource to Risk Business Case Proforma - BFB only129 KB
Grants_Manual_2017-18-FINAL -8122016.pdfLGGS Grants Manual_2017/181287 KB
Grant_Application_Forms_2017-18.xlsGrant_Application_Forms_2017/18124 KB
LGGS_Grants_Manual_2018-19.pdfLGGS Grants Manual 2018/1911002 KB
Grant_Application_Forms_2018-19.xlsGrant Application Forms 2018/19126 KB
LGGS_Grants_Manual-2019-20-Interim.pdfLGGS Grants Manual 2019-20 Interim11200 KB
Grant_Application_Forms_2019-20.xlsxGrant Application Forms 2019-2075 KB
Grant Application Forms 2019-20.xlsGrant Application Forms 2019-20244 KB
LGGS_Application_Forms_2020-21.xlsxLGGS_Application_Forms_2020-2170 KB
LGGS_Grants_Manual_2020-21-INTERIM.pdfLGGS_Grants_Manual_2020-21-INTERIM8580 KB

Please note: SES Resource to Risk Assessment and Business Case documents are currently under development.

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ESL Legislation

The Emergency Services Levy (ESL) is administered in accordance with the requirements of Part 6A of the Fire and Emergency Services Act 1998 and Regulations.


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