In A Bushfire Every Five Minutes Counts Especially Your Next Five Minutes

Bushfires are unpredictable and happen every year.
The single biggest killer is indecision.
To survive a bushfire you must be prepared to make your own decisions.

1 When  will you know to leave?

2 Where  will you go?

3 Which  way will you go?

Having the Fire Chat is a great first step to protect your family.
However, have you considered what you would do if you are at work when a fire threatens?


Know the bushfire warning systems and how to use & respond to them

Download and read the PDF below to make sure you know the bushfire warning systems and where to find other important information.

Simple Steps
To Prepare For Bushfires.

Below you'll find two simple steps and downloadable tools that will help you be informed and decide what to do in the event of a bushfire. They won't take long to complete and could help save the lives of your entire household.


Choose your bushfire plan

Fill out our quick questionnaire to help you decide whether you want to leave early or stay and defend in the event of a bushfire.

Answer yes, no or unsure to each question.


Who am I putting in danger? Will any children, guests, dependents, elderly or sick household members leave early and be cared for?


Am I mentally, physically and emotionally prepared to fight spot fires for hours, even days at a time? Being in a bushfire could be the most traumatic experience of your life.


Am I able to do everything required to fight a fire without the help of firefighters? If not, you must be safe and leave early.


Does everyone in the household agree with the plan to stay?


Am I committed to acquiring the necessary equipment - including an Emergency Kit with protective clothing and fire-fighting equipment. If not, you must be safe and leave early.


Am I committed to prepare our property for a bushfire?


My Bushfire Plan

You answered 'no' or 'unsure' to one or more of the six questions, which means you must
Be Safe and Leave Early.

Download my Be Safe and Leave Early Fire Plan to complete my action plan, and prepare my property and emergency kit.

My Local Fire Information and contacts

White Ambulance with Medical Sign

Police, Fire and Ambulance (for life threatening emergencies).


White Microphone
White Circle with Information Symbol

DFES Information line

13 DFES (13 3337)