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Emergency and Survival Plans

Home Safety Information
Emergency and Survival Plans

Having an emergency plan is an important step towards preparing your household to survive and cope during emergencies.

A few hours spent working through simple planning tasks with your household, putting aside supplies and securing your home can increase the chances of survival during an emergency.

It’s important to include all household when developing your plan and if live alone consider creating a plan with a neighbour or close friend.

The best emergency plans include the following:

  • What you plan to do before an emergency to be ready
  • What you plan to do during an emergency to keep safe and minimise the effect on your property
  • What you plan to do after the emergency to help recover and return to life as soon as possible

Get all household members involved

Involving all household members in developing your emergency plan means that everyone will know:

  • The potential risk and impacts
  • What they need to do to prepare
  • How to stay in contact with each other
  • Who to contact during an emergency
  • Actions to take before, during and after an emergency.

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