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Media Release

Red Alert for Sandfire Roadhouse to Pardoo
Monday 21 December 2009 – 10:20 AM


A RED ALERT is current for people in or near Sandfire Roadhouse to Pardoo.


You need to get ready to move to the strongest safest part of your house or to your closest welfare centre. Keep your emergency kit with you.

Stay away from doors and windows that should be closed.


A YELLOW ALERT is current for people in Bidyadanga. 


You need to take action and get ready to shelter from a cyclone. Fasten all cyclone screens, secure boats, caravans, trailers, garden sheds, outdoor furniture, rainwater tanks and LPG bottles. Move vehicles under cover. Ensure pets and animals are in a safe area. Pack a relocation kit to be taken with your emergency kit.


A BLUE ALERT is current for people in or near De Grey to Port Hedland and inland to Marble Bar.


You need to prepare for dangerous weather. Secure or remove loose material from around your home. Ensure your emergency kit is complete and check your family knows what to do.


CYCLONE WATCH continues for inland parts of the southwest Kimberley and eastern Pilbara, extending inland to the WA border including

Warburton and Giles.


You should prepare your home inside and out. Keep up to date with the development of the cyclone through radio, television or the internet.




At 8am Severe Tropical Cyclone Laurence, category 4, is estimated to be 90 kilometres north northwest of Wallal and 220 kilometres west

southwest of Broome.


It is moving south at six kilometres per hour.


Severe Tropical Cyclone Laurence is moving southwards towards the Eighty Mile Beach area of the Pilbara-Kimberley coast. You are warned of a period of very destructive winds with gusts to 260 kilometres per hour developing late this morning or early this afternoon.


People in the area are specifically warned of the very dangerous storm tide expected as the cyclone centre approaches the coast. Tides are likely to rise significantly above the normal high tide mark with damaging waves and dangerous flooding.


Gales are beginning along the coast between Bidyadanga and Wallal and gales and destructive winds are likely to extend further along the coast and inland during the day, possibly reaching as far as Telfer by Tuesday morning.


Heavy rainfall is expected in coastal parts of the western Kimberley and eastern Pilbara during Monday, extending to the inland eastern Pilbara on Tuesday.




The following roads are closed:

Gibb River Road

Cape Leveque Road

Great Northern Highway between Roebuck Roadhouse near Broome to Port Hedland


Travellers should stay in regional towns such as Broome, Port Hedland, Derby and Fitzroy Crossing until the cyclone passes.


Before travelling check with local WA Police or Main Roads WA on 138 138 on road closures and inland roads may become affected as the cyclone crosses the coast.






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