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Media Release

Bushfire EMERGENCY WARNING for Drummond Drive, Avenanthus Road and Stirlingia Drive in Toodyay
Tuesday 29 December 2009 – 2:30 PM


A bushfire emergency warning has been issued for people in the Lloyds Hill subdivision in Toodyay.


Homes in Drummond Drive, Avenanthus Road and Stirlingia Drive will be impacted by fire now.


This EMERGENCY WARNING means that if you are in this area your best option for survival is away from the fire. If the way is clear leave for your safer place now and take your survival kit with you. Relocating at the last minute is deadly.


If you are leaving go via Sandplain Road on to Toodyay Road and into the townsite.  


A bushfire watch and act message has been issued for people in Toodyay near Folewood Road and River Road, the remaining streets of the Lloyds Hill subdivision including Racecourse Road.


This means there is a possible threat to lives and homes. You need to put your bushfire survival plan into action. If you have decided to leave for a safer place, leave now if the way is clear and take your bushfire survival kit with you. Relocating at the last minute is deadly.



The bushfire is moving fast in a north westerly direction towards Lloyds Hill area. It is out of control, unpredictable and fast moving.


Embers are likely to be blown around your home and spot fires are starting ahead of the fire.


Flames are one to two metres high.


FESA was alerted to the fire at 12.59pm and currently there has been more than 150 hectares burnt.




Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service and Bush Fire Service firefighters are on the scene.


Two helitacs are being used to protect crews and homes.


Emergency services personnel from WA Police and Western Power are working with the Shire of Toodyay and FESA.


Firefighters have saved seven homes in the area.



A number of roads have been closed including:


  • Sandplain Road from Toodyay Road to Folewood Road
  • Folewood Road from River Road to the Shire Office.
  • Racecourse Road at Toodyay Road

Motorists should avoid the area.


Further clarification should be sought from WA Police or Main Roads WA on 138 138.



Shire of Toodyay is managing the fire.



Call 1300 657 209, visit www.fesa.wa.gov.au or listen to news bulletins.




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