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Media Release

Natural disaster relief available for Toodyay, Dandaragan and Coorow bushfires
Thursday 31 December 2009 – 5:05 PM

Large bushfires that occurred in severe to catastrophic weather conditions on 29 December 2009 in the Shires of Dandaragan, Coorow and Toodyay have been confirmed as eligible for disaster assistance.


The Premier of Western Australia confirmed in Toodyay yesterday that the impact of the fires on the community met the criteria to be declared an “Eligible Natural Disaster” for the purposes of the Western Australia Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (WANDRRA).


WANDRRA is administered by FESA, with assistance from other agencies, and provides help to people who have suffered the direct impact of a declared natural disaster.


Support available under WANDRRA can include:


Personal Support

  • The provision of emergency assistance including emergency accommodation, food, essential clothing and other personal items
  •  Temporary living expenses
  • Housing repairs
  • Replacement of household furniture

Primary Producers

·      Support for primary producers and advice for recovery, freight costs, fencing and interest rate subsidy.


Local Governments

·      Replacement cost of essential public asset and local government costs associated with fighting the fire.


Small Business 

  • Small business interest rate subsidies

To apply for assistance or for more information contact the following agencies:

·      Personal support: Department of Child Protection - 1800 199 008

·      Primary producers: Department of Food and Agriculture – agwestfbd@agric.wa.gov.au or 1800 198 231

·      Small Business and other enquiries:  WANDRRA Administrator (08) 9323 9552, email: wandrra@fesa.wa.gov.au or visit www.fesa.wa.gov.au




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