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Media Release

Residents should not be out on horses or bikes in Brigadoon area
Monday 4 January 2010 – 11:40 AM


Earlier today residents in the Brigadoon bushfire area were allowed to return to their homes, but remain vigilant of signs of fire.


They remain on a watch and act. If the fire activity increases homes and lives could be in danger.


Fire authorities at the scene have noticed people riding horses and bikes in the area since being allowed to return home.


Residents in that area were allowed to return home only to attend to personal issues and property safety issues. Any activity should be restricted to this. People should not be out on bikes or horses. The fire is contained, but not under control.


People in the area need to be aware of a large number of firefighters and machine crew on dozers and loaders working in the area.


Residents are asked to restrict their activities for safety and fire danger reasons.






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