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Media Release

StateAlert BUSHFIRE EMERGENCY warning Cowalla/Dandaragan
Monday 4 January 2010 – 7:55 PM

StateAlert Message BUSHFIRE EMERGENCY warning issued for Cowalla and Dandaragan:


You will be impacted by fire

More information 1300657209

Event: Cowalla Bushfire

Urgency: Immediate - Responsive action SHOULD be taken immediately

Severity: Severe - Significant threat to life or property

Certainty: Observed

Effective from: 08 19 PM, Monday 4 January, 2010,


Instructions: The bushfire is moving towards the Shire of Dandaragan from Orange Springs Road.Unless you and your property are prepared for the onset of a bushfire, your best option for survival is away from the fire.


If the way is clear, leave your place now and take bushfire survival kit with you.Relocating at the last minute is deadly.


A number of roads have been closed including Orange Springs Road between Brand Highway and Cowalla Road. Keep up to date your local ABC radio or other news bulletins.


As at 7.30 PM 4 January 2010 a bushfire EMERGENCY WARNING has been issued for people in Cowalla and Dandaragan.


Homes on Orange Springs Road and North of Orange Springs Rd will be impacted by fire.


The fire has crossed Orange Springs Road and is making good progress towards Shire of Dandargan.


Further information is available on the world-wide-web at: www.fesa.wa.gov.au


For further information contact:  1300 657 209


This alert can be verified at the the originating website at: http://statealert.wa.gov.au:80/Vox/displaycurrentalert?id=3639


Alert ID: 3639


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