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Media Release

Get your broken down vehicle out of your life for free
Monday 25 October 2010 – 9:35 AM

People in the Perth area with broken down or unwanted cars that are not worth repairing can get rid of them for free by donating them for road crash rescue training.


Firefighters and emergency volunteers will use the vehicles to train in rescuing people from car wrecks and in the use of ‘jaws of life’ cutting equipment.


Applied Training Officer Brian Ligertwood said FESA needed vehicles of any make or model and would send a contractor out to collect them.


“Our firefighters and volunteers train regularly for emergency rescues so there’s a constant need for vehicles at the FESA Training Centre,” Mr Ligertwood said.


“It’s the perfect solution for anyone with a car that’s no longer running or unsuitable for sale and a good way to recycle an unwanted vehicle,” he said.


The vehicles need to have four wheels, panels, seating, a steering wheel and glass windows and windscreens intact. While an engine is preferred, it is not absolutely necessary.


The vehicle must be unregistered and proof of ownership provided before it can be accepted.


The FESA Training Centre uses more than 600 cars for training each year.


 Mr Ligertwood said one course involving the training and assessment of career Fire and Rescue Service recruits would use 27 donated cars alone.


“Simulating road crashes using old cars is essential to allow firefighters and volunteers to maintain their qualifications in crash rescues and in minimising any impact on the patient’s injuries,” Mr Ligertwood said. 


“By donating your unwanted car you are playing a part in potentially helping to save lives.”


To donate an old car contact FESA’s vehicle contractor, Tony Young, on 0414 970 640.






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