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Media Release

Pre-Christmas cyclone expected to kick start busy cyclone season in the Midwest Gascoyne
Wednesday 17 November 2010 – 10:45 AM

With predictions of an early and busier than normal cyclone season, people in the Midwest Gascoyne region are being urged to prepare their homes and families now.


FESA District Manager Tim Dalwood said the Bureau of Meteorology has advised there is a higher than normal risk of a pre-Christmas cyclone. 


“Tropical Cyclones could affect the Coral Bay community with flooding and high winds extending as far south as Shark Bay, Carnarvon and Geraldton,” Mr Dalwood said.


“The Bureau of Meteorology has also indicated this season has the potential to be a lot worse than last year with more cyclones expected.


“The best defence is to prepare your home now and have a family cyclone plan.


“During the next few weeks you should trim branches and trees, check the condition of your cyclone shutters or screens, remove or secure loose items around your home and prepare an emergency kit.


“Talk to your family about your cyclone plan, including who will pick the kids up from school, when you will get cash out, what you will do with pets and where you will go if you need to relocate.


“I strongly urge everyone in a cyclone prone area to keep up to date with the latest information and if you decide to leave before the cyclone hits give yourself plenty of time to get to a safer place.”


Mr Dalwood’s advice comes as FESA and the Bureau of Meteorology brief emergency management personnel throughout the region this week to prepare them for the season ahead.


For more information about what to do during each stage of a cyclone download a copy of the Cyclone Smart Kit from the FESA website www.fesa.wa.gov.au. The kits are also available from local SES units. 




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