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Media Release

Road closures there to keep you safe
Thursday 3 February 2011 – 8:00 AM

People are being asked to put their safety first and remain patient at road blocks during bushfires.


FESA Assistant Chief Operations Officer Metropolitan Fire Lloyd Bailey said although road closures can be inconvenient, they are put in place for a good reason.


“People’s survival and safety is the top priority for firefighters and emergency services personnel,” Mr Bailey said.


“It’s better to be inconvenienced by road closures than for your safety and life to be put at risk.”


Mr Bailey said the decision to close roads was made by experienced personnel on the fire ground that have a wealth of experience in bushfire behaviour and management.


“The Incident Controller will assess the situation and decide which roads need to be closed and the road closures are then managed by WA Police,” he said.


“You will always be able to leave the area through a road block, however Police will prevent you from returning to the area until the fire is out and the area is safe.


“If you decide to leave for a safer place it is important you take your essential items with you when you leave your home.”


Mr Bailey said people could minimise the inconvenience by keeping up to date with road closure information during bushfires.


For road closure information listen to local radio, visit the Main Roads WA website www.mainroads.wa.gov.au or call 138 138.


FESA also include road closure information in bushfire warnings which are available at www.fesa.wa.gov.au or call FESA’s Information Line on 1300 657 209.


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