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Media Release

Bushfire update for Broome
Monday 19 October 2009 – 8:30 AM

FESA advises that bushfires around Broome in Coconut Wells, North Cable Beach and Morrell Park have been extinguished.

People in these areas should still remain vigilant.

Inaccessible fires are still burning in the Roebuck Plains/Crab Creek Region, however FESA will continue to monitor these.

Firefighters are continuing to work to ensure the area is deemed safe.

Fire crews have saved many houses and rural properties in Coconut Wells and Morrell Park.

Some rural fencing and outbuildings have been damaged in the fire.

FESA staff and volunteers and emergency service personnel from the Career Fire and Rescue Service, Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service, Bush Fire Service, State Emergency Service are assisting the fire effort.

An air reconnaissance helicopter is also monitoring the fire ground.

The fire was deliberately lit and people are encouraged to report suspicious behaviour to Police Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

There are currently no road closures, however, this situation may change and Broome residents are asked to listen to the media for possible changes.  

If encountering smoke on the road, motorists should;

- Turn headlights on to make your vehicle more visible

- Drive slowly road

- Keep a close watch for firefighters and emergency service vehicles on the road

- Follow any instructions given by emergency services personnel

- If you cannot see clearly, turn around and drive to a clear area and pull over to the side of the road.  Keep your headlights and hazard lights on and wait to the smoke clears.



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