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Media Release

Don’t let your chimney go up in smoke
Wednesday 20 July 2011 – 11:55 AM
As the cold weather sets in, FESA is reminding the community to have their home chimneys and heating flues checked to avoid potential fire hazards this winter.
“As it gets colder, people are more likely to use heating appliances in their homes and now is the time to make sure they are well maintained and fire safe,” says Fire Investigation and Analysis Unit Manager Craig Waters.
“Chimneys, slow combustion stoves and flues can quite easily build up soot and flammable material from previous winters.
“If not properly cleaned out, it is possible for this material to ignite which can then spread the fire to the roof space and threaten the whole house,” Craig says.
To prevent house fires this winter FESA recommends that residents check their heaters, fireplace brickwork, chimneys and flues for cracks or damage and regularly clean and maintain these areas.
“Flues going into the ceiling and roof space should have double or triple skins to prevent radiant heat igniting roof timbers or cellulose type insulation,” Craig says.
Additives can also be purchased from hardware stores to put into the fire to reduce residue build up.
Residents should also remember that only working smoke alarms save lives. FESA recommends people fit mains powered photoelectric smoke alarms in their homes and test them every month.
More information on staying fire safe this winter is available at www.fesa.wa.gov.au
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