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Media Release

Winter burning underway in bid to help prevent bad bushfires
Monday 8 August 2011 – 9:50 AM

​Fire and Emergency Services Authority (FESA) staff and volunteers are undertaking a series of prescribed burns across the State in an effort to protect lives and properties from destructive bushfires.

FESA’s winter burning program focuses on reducing the fuel loads in areas that are at higher risk of bushfire.
Manager of the Bushfire and Local Government Relations Branch, Merv Austic, said some of the higher risk areas included the Perth Hills, South West outer metropolitan and Avon areas.
“As we saw last year in Karnup, Lake Clifton, Red Hill and Roleystone, these particular areas are prone to serious bushfires with the potential to have devastating consequences,” he said.
“By carrying out these prescribed burns now, a blaze will be easier to control and there is a better chance of protecting the lives and homes of local communities if we do have an incident during the summer.” 
“Everyone has a shared responsibility to be prepared for bushfires. Controlled burns can also be done by individual property owners in the high risk areas, if burning program guidelines are adhered to.”
“People need to make sure they are aware of any Local Government restrictions and should contact their Local Government to seek approval before conducting any burns, as some require a permit.”
“Each individual must then develop a fire management plan, taking into consideration weather, wind speed, time of day and resources required.”
Private land owners should divide the land they need to burn into manageable areas, contact neighbours and let them know they are carrying out a prescribed burn.
The safest months to carry out prescribed burns are April, May, June, July, August and September.
For more information, property owners can contact the FESA Bushfire Local Government Relations Branch.
Representatives are available to discuss any issues with residents over the phone or attend meetings on site to assist with the burn.

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