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Media Release

August poses deadly house fire risk
Thursday 11 August 2011 – 12:30 PM
Historically, August is the most dangerous month for fatal house fires and FESA is reminding people to keep safe this winter.
Tragically, on average, five people lose their lives in house fires each year.
Last winter there were 288 house fires that caused an estimated property loss of nearly $12.5 million.
Fire Investigation and Analysis Unit Manager Craig Waters said that people should be aware of the dangers in their home as many incidents are easily prevented.
“Many of these fires could have been prevented if people had been aware of the dangers and put safety measures in place,” Mr Waters said.
“Some simple precautions could save the lives of your loved ones or your own and stop your home from going up in flames.”
The most common causes of house fires are flammable items being too close to heaters, open fires and candles.
“House fires are also caused by careless smoking and electric blankets,” Mr Waters said.
“Electric blankets should be switched off before going to sleep and not left on during the day as the bedding could catch fire.
“People should also refrain from smoking in bed as this poses a major fire risk,” he said.
As part of home fire safety measures FESA also recommends that working smoke alarms are installed in every home.
Smoke alarms give people the early warning sign needed to save lives and minimise the damage caused by a house fire.
FESA recommends people fit hard wired photoelectric smoke alarms in their homes and test them regularly.
For more information on home fire safety this winter click here

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