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Media Release

Firefighters respond to gas leak following tanker rollover
Monday 22 August 2011 – 4:10 PM

Career and volunteer firefighters have responded to a gas tanker rollover on Old Coast Road in Preston Beach, south of Perth.

The tanker appears to have hit a tree near Johnston Road just before 5am when it jack knifed, causing its prime mover and trailer to separate.
The tanker’s Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) bullet finished on its side approximately 50 metres further up the road.

Acting District Manager Operational Effectiveness, Colin McGrath said when firefighters arrived they covered the semi-trailer with a blanket of foam.
“Upon closer inspection, crews detected a small visual gas leak coming from a damaged valve,” Mr McGrath said.
“With the trailer and LPG bullet still on its side, firefighters were then required to lift the tanker using heavy duty rescue equipment to inspect the damaged valve and stop the leak.
“Specialist equipment was used to ensure all gas readings were at a safe level before any attempt was made to right the tanker," he said.
The tanker has now been lifted to an upright position and specialists are preparing to decant on site before transporting the tanker back to Perth.
The response involved career firefighters from Bunbury and Murdoch Fire and Rescue Service, along with volunteer firefighters from Harvey and Falcon Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service, the Waroona Volunteer Fire Services and the Coolup Bush Fire Brigade.
Motorists have been advised to avoid the area and take alternative routes if possible.
Main Roads has advised that both lanes on Old Coast Road are closed with vehicle access restricted until 6pm. For more information contact Main Roads WA on 138 138.



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