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Media Release

Community urged to prepare as bushfire season begins
Tuesday 29 November 2011 – 1:00 PM

With hot and windy conditions forecast for later this week, all Western Australians are reminded that the bushfire season is here and they need to be prepared in case a bushfire occurs in their area.

FESA Acting Chief Operations Officer Lloyd Bailey said the recent hot weather and major bushfires across the state, in particular in the South West region, was a serious reminder that bushfires are inevitable this summer, and he urged people to be prepared.

“If you live near or are travelling through bushland, you are at risk,” Mr Bailey said.
“The next bushfire may occur near you. With the onset of hot weather, it’s essential for the whole community to play their part in helping to prevent an emergency situation.
“That means removing vegetation and potential fire traps from your property, and developing a bushfire survival plan that everyone in the family understands.
“There is no substitute for preparation,” he said.
The Bureau of Meteorology has forecast temperatures in the high thirties, with strong winds expected on Wednesday and Thursday.
Mr Bailey said it was vital that residents take responsibility for their own preparations, because in an emergency firefighters couldn’t guarantee to be available at every property.
“Despite all our best efforts we can’t guarantee that we will have road access to properties under threat, or that aerial water bombers will be available,” he said.
“Firefighters will do all they can, but we ask that people also take steps to look after their own safety.
“If you have a bushfire survival plan and you’ve done the necessary work around your property, you give your family and your home the best chance of surviving a bushfire.
“Now is the time to plan and prepare. Learn about the different fire danger ratings, and be clear on what you and your family will do if threatened by a bushfire.
“When the fires are upon us, it is too late to devise considered plans and contingencies,” Mr Bailey said.
For information on how you can prepare for the bushfire season click here to view FESA’s Prepare. Act. Survive document.


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