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Media Release

Give your old car a new lease on life
Friday 30 March 2012 – 12:15 AM

Firefighters are on the lookout for the community’s old unwanted cars to assist in vital road crash rescue training.

Last year, highly skilled Fire and Rescue Service and Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service firefighters attended 200 major road crashes that required rescue or extraction.
There is a higher demand for donated cars at the FESA Training Centre this year, because there are more firefighter training courses scheduled.
FESA Applied Training Officer Ian Joseph said the practical experience of training on real cars was vital.
“Simulating road crashes using unwanted cars is essential for practical training, skill retention and ensuring any impact on patient injuries is minimised,” Mr Joseph said.
“We teach techniques to gain entry to trapped vehicle occupants, such as removing the roof or doors, gaining access to the engine compartment or boot, removing glass from doors and windscreens while maintaining the structural integrity of the vehicle.
“This year we’re running three Trainee Firefighting Schools, three Station Officer Development courses and a Skills Enhancement Program and all of these programs require vehicles for training.
“If you have an unwanted car sitting in your driveway or taking up space in your backyard call us and we’ll gladly take it away for free,” he said.
Donated vehicles need to have:
·         four wheels
·         panels
·         seating
·         a steering wheel
·         glass windows
·         windscreens intact (preferred but not necessary)
·         an engine (preferred but not absolutely necessary)
·         proof of ownership and be unregistered. 
The FESA Training Centre uses more than 550 cars for training each year, with each Trainee Firefighting School needing approximately 70 cars.

To donate your old car contact FESA’s vehicle contractor, Tony Young, on 0414 970 640.

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