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Media Release

Extraordinary SES volunteers recognised at annual awards
Sunday 22 September 2013 – 8:00 AM
The diverse skills of the State Emergency Service (SES) was showcased last night with a bike team, communications unit youth leader and regional volunteer taking top honours at an annual awards ceremony.
The Bayswater SES Bike Team, which fills a niche in search and rescue missions by using mountain bikes, is one of three award winners in the 2013 State Emergency Service (SES) Awards.
Bayswater SES was further represented by rescue section leader Martin Hale collecting the Peter Keillor Award for dedication to the SES. Mr Hale was recognised after more than a decade volunteering with the unit, largely in leadership roles.
Melusha Robson from the Communications Support Unit was presented the Youth Achievement Award for contributing to an increase in unit membership and participation.
Fire and Emergency Services Commissioner Wayne Gregson said the SES Award recipients were selected for making a valuable, ongoing contribution to volunteering.
“The award recipients had each demonstrated outstanding commitment to serving their local communities and deserve to be recognised,” Commissioner Gregson said.
“The contribution of this year’s awardees and finalists is admirable and they represent the diversity of the 2,000 SES volunteers who have given more than 20,000 hours of their own time to attend training and incidents in the past year.
“We are extremely fortunate in this State to have such dedicated and experienced SES volunteers to rely on in times of need.
“I wish to congratulate the award recipients, along with all SES volunteers, for their invaluable contribution to the safety of Western Australians.”
The State Emergency Service Awards for 2013 were presented across three categories:
Peter Keillor Award
Martin Hale, Bayswater SES
Martin Hale has spent more than a decade volunteering with the Bayswater SES. He has served as team leader, training manager and is currently rescue section leader. In the past year Mr Hale has volunteered more than 500 hours at SES operations around the State including searches at Fitzroy Crossing and the De Grey River, as well as numerous weather events in Broome and around the Perth metropolitan area.
Team Achievement Award
Bayswater SES Unit Bike Team
The team was recognised for its speed and flexibility in responding to incidents. It has a unique capability for both urban and rural searches, with greater speed than searchers on foot, and greater versatility than those in vehicles. The 12 member team was involved in the successful search for a missing teenager near Brookton in 2012. The boy was located within an hour of the Bike Team finding a critical clue and redirecting the search.
Youth Achievement Award
Melusha Robson, Communications Support Unit
Melusha Robson has demonstrated an outstanding level of passion, dedication and reliability in her short years with the SES. Generous with her time, energy and expertise, she has facilitated a greater level of participation for members while contributing to a more than threefold increase of membership in the Communications Support Unit. The unit provides communications training and support to DFES fire and emergency services as well as other Government agencies, particularly during incidents.
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