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Media Release

Looming holiday tropical cyclones prompt reminder to prepare
Monday 23 December 2013 – 10:00 AM
People in the Kimberley and Pilbara regions leaving their homes over the holiday period are being reminded to prepare for a tropical cyclone with an increased risk of a system developing over the break.
BoM Severe Weather Services Manager Greg Browning said forecast models suggested a burst of monsoon activity and subsequent tropical lows over northern Australia in the coming days.
“Conditions will become increasingly favourable for these lows to develop into tropical cyclones during the Christmas to New Year period and for several more days thereafter,” Mr Browning said.
Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) Pilbara Superintendent John Newman said strong winds and rain associated with a cyclone meant loose objects around the home could become dangerous projectiles that might cause property damage and put lives at risk.
“With an increased risk of a tropical cyclone over the holidays, emergency services personnel are getting ready and we expect the community to be doing the same,” Superintendent Newman said
“Anyone going away over the holiday period should remember to store away any loose items around the home, and secure boats and trailers.”
Superintendent Newman said even if a tropical cyclone did not eventuate, the heavy rain associated with a tropical low might cause flooding.
“Anyone planning on camping or travelling through the North West over the break also needs to know what to do during a flood.
“Despite the warnings, each year people drive, swim or play in flood waters putting themselves, and those who are sent to rescue them at risk.
“It is vital people take the proper precautions when travelling through remote areas and this includes knowing what to do in a cyclone or flood.”
For more information on how to prepare for a cyclone or flood, visit the DFES website www.dfes.wa.gov.au/safetyinformation/cyclone to download a Cyclone or Flood Smart Kit.
Media Contact: DFES Media and Public Affairs 9225 5955


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