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Media Release

New DVD educates young people about fire safety
Monday 16 June 2014 – 10:40 AM

​A powerful DVD that will leave a lasting impression on young Western Australians about the dangers of playing with fire and the potentially devastating consequences was launched on the weekend.

Department of Fire and Emergency Services Assistant Commissioner Gary Gifford said the DVD will be a valuable resource for the State’s Juvenile and Family Fire Awareness (JAFFA) program that works to reduce the number of avoidable fires caused by children and teenagers.

“It’s vital to educate young people about fire safety and steer those with a natural curiosity towards fire in the right direction,” Assistant Commissioner Gifford said.

“The JAFFA program has gone a long way to achieving this with 93 percent of young people who participated in the program in 2011-12 not lighting any fires within six months of completing the program.”

“The DVD is a thought provoking educational tool that will support the program by driving home to young people how unpredictable fires can be.

“It also highlights the possible life changing consequences of playing with fire and the impact it can have on their life, such as receiving a criminal conviction or being severely burnt.”

Assistant Commissioner Gifford said JAFFA has proven to be highly effective in supporting parents who have participated in the program, with 97 percent saying it had assisted them.

“The program gives guidance to parents by providing them with the support and tools to continue to manage their child’s fire lighting behaviour and create a supportive environment for the child to learn and adopt new behaviours,” he said.

The JAFFA DVD was made possible by a community funding grant from the Julian Burton Burns Trust and the development of the DVD is a result of collaboration between the Department of Fire and Emergency Services, Western Australia Police, Department of Corrective Services, Department of Health and the Fiona Wood Foundation.

For more information about the JAFFA program visit www.dfes.wa.gov.au

Media Contact: DFES Media and Corporate Communications 9225 5955
Video extracts from the JAFFA DVD can be viewed on YouTube

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