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Media Release

Elevated bushfire risk prompts warning, reminder to prepare
Wednesday 28 August 2019 – 10:20 AM

Western Australians are being urged to be bushfire-ready this season, with an above-normal fire potential predicted for parts of the State. 

South western parts of Western Australia experienced their driest start to the year, and coupled with dry autumn conditions and increased fuel loads in the Pilbara, the fire risk is high across the State, according to the 2019 Australia Seasonal Bushfire Outlook released today.

Warmer and drier than average conditions are predicted through to October, adding to the bushfire threat, which is highest in parts of the Swan Coastal Plain; the Avon Wheatbelt; forest areas of the South West Land Division and Esperance.  

Higher fuel loads generated from heavy rains brought in by Tropical Cyclone Veronica in March have also put the Pilbara in a higher-risk category.

Fire and Emergency Services Commissioner Darren Klemm AFSM said everyone – regardless of the risk level in their area – should prepare themselves and their properties as early as possible.

"WA is a bushfire-prone State and this outlook reminds us that we can’t afford to be complacent,” Commissioner Klemm said. 

“Despite rain being forecast in the near-future, the outlook in the lead-up to bushfire season is for drier than average conditions.

“Have a 5-minute Fire Chat with your family and housemates about what you will do if a bushfire threatens your property – you need to leave early for a safer place or actively defend your property if it’s prepared to the highest degree.

“Preparation and planning are the key to surviving a major bushfire – take the time now to reduce fuel loads and potential fire dangers around your home.”

Residents and people travelling through bushfire risk areas can keep update with bushfire warnings by visiting www.emergency.wa.gov.au 

For more information about how to prepare for bushfires visit dfes.wa.gov.au/firechat  ​


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