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Media Release

Protect your holiday home from bushfires
Tuesday 8 December 2009 – 2:00 PM

Is your holiday home near bushland, forest, scrub or farmland? If so, your property and the people living in it are at risk from bushfires.


FESA Assistant Chief Operations Officer Country Chris Arnol said people who own properties in bushfire prone areas that don’t normally live there may have long overdue maintenance that has become a bushfire hazard.


“Approximately 60 percent of the land in popular south west holiday locations is owned by absentee land owners,” Mr Arnol said.


“It is your responsibility to reduce the risk to yourself, your property, the people renting it and your neighbours by making sure your property is well prepared.


“You should regularly check that grass is not over grown, trees are not overhanging your house and your fire breaks are maintained.


Mr Arnol said that under the Bushfire Act landowners are required by law to carry out fire prevention work on their property.


“Contact your local council to find out the maintenance requirements for your area and the dates when maintenance must be completed,” he said.


“The more you prepare your holiday home the better chance it will have of surviving a bushfire.”


Checklist for preparing your property

·         Create a 20 metre circle of safety around your home. This area needs to be cleared of all rubbish and material that may catch fire.

·         Create and maintain a minimum two metre gap between your house and tree branches.

·         Cut back grass and other material that is a fire hazard.

·         Clear your roof gutters and valleys of leaves and bark.

·         Block any gaps in and under floor spaces, under eaves, external vents, skylights, evaporative air conditioners, chimneys and wall cladding.

·         Place fly wire mesh on all vents to keep sparks and embers out.

·         Move fuel containers into a shed away from your house and have a firebreak around it.

·         Keep LPG cylinders on the side of the house furtherest away from the likely direction of bushfires.


For more information about how to prepare your property this bushfire season visit www.fesa.wa.gov.au.


Media Contact: Media and Public Affairs, 9225 5955.


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