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Life-saving RAC rescue sponsorship endures
Monday 25 August 2014 – 5:00 PM
The RAC has continued its important community safety partnership with DFES by sponsoring our Perth-based emergency rescue helicopter for another four years.
Emergency Services Minister Joe Francis announced in early July 2014 that the RAC had been selected as the naming rights sponsor for the rescue helicopter, enabling the service to continue delivering help to West Australians involved in medical emergencies.
“This sponsorship is invaluable in supporting the delivery of this vital emergency service in Western Australia,” Mr Francis said.
“Over the past 11 years, the rescue chopper has completed close to 3,750 missions. During that time, its highly skilled flight crew and critical care paramedics have saved hundreds of lives.
“RAC Rescue plays a crucial role in community safety by providing a rapid response during emergencies when lives are in danger. In times of trouble, it’s reassuring for all of us to know that the rescue service is ready to help, every hour of the day, every day of the year.
Commissioner Wayne Gregson echoed these sentiments and said it was highly positive to see the RAC’s sponsorship of the vital rescue helicopter continuing.
“The RAC have been sponsoring the emergency rescue helicopter service since it was first established in 2003,” he said.
“It has been a very effective long term partnership and we are pleased to be renewing our agreement with them for another term.”
Former RAC Rescue patient Shannon Bray was present for the announcement and said she was extremely thankful for the help she received following a horse riding accident in March last year.
Whilst she was training at the Brigadoon Equestrian Centre, Shannon’s horse reared up and fell backwards landing on top of her. Shannon said as the horse attempted to scramble to its feet, it fell on her again.
“In the process of that he broke a few ribs, punctured one of my lungs and we thought at the time he had broken my back,” Shannon said.
Due to Shannon’s suspected spinal injuries, the RAC Rescue helicopter was sent for her as transport by road ambulance could have risked causing further spinal injuries, particularly due to the bumpy roads in the area.
“I remember two guys coming towards me and it looked like something from Top Gun,” Shannon said.
“They were straight onto things and getting me into the chopper.
“The ambo said to let it sit there a bit so my blood pressure could level out and then we slowly took off so as not to spook any of the other horses there.
“I’m very grateful to them, as are my mum and dad, my family and friends, for all the great work they did.
“Every day that I live is incredible and I owe a big thank you to them.”
The rescue service is managed by DFES and funded by the State Government, with the assistance of RAC sponsorship.​