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Arrival of northern wet season imminent
Wednesday 23 January 2019 – 9:30 AM

​It has been a late start to the wet season for Western Australia’s northern regions but residents can’t afford to be complacent, with the first cyclone event of the season on the horizon. 

The Bureau of Meteorology has advised the weather system is likely to impact coastal parts of the Kimberley from Thursday before potentially travelling south towards the Pilbara coast.

Fire and Emergency Services Commissioner Darren Klemm AFSM said it was important for residents, and visitors, not to be complacent and to know the risks associated with cyclones, flood and storm surge.   

“Emergency services volunteers have been busy preparing for the change in weather. We’re urging the community to do their part to minimise any potential damage, and the psychological and financial impacts that can follow after a severe weather event,” Commissioner Klemm said.

“Cyclones can be unpredictable and can intensify rapidly, so tourists need to be ready to change their travels plans and should familiarise themselves with the cyclone warning system.” 

Superintendent Kimberley Grant Pipe said it was important for residents and travellers to heed the warnings and keep themselves safe during the upcoming weather event by preparing now.

“This weather system is currently tracking along the northern parts of the coast and we are expecting it to begin impacting those areas from Thursday through the weekend,” Superintendent Pipe said.

“Preparing yourself for cyclone is as simple as tidying up inside and around your property and ensure you secure any loose items that could become projectiles in strong winds.

“Have your emergency kit ready with a portable battery operated radio, torch, spare batteries, mobile phone and charger and, enough food and water to last at least four days.

“It is the Australia Day long weekend so I urge residents to put safety first and to not put themselves or emergency service personnel at unnecessary risk. 

“Consider your travel plans and ensure you are keeping up to date with latest warnings via emergency.wa.gov.au and through local media outlets.”

For more information about the cyclone warning system and preparing your family and home for the wet season visit emergency.wa.gov.au/prepare​​