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State Government

There are a number of DRFAWA assistance measures available to state governments, with different agencies accessing different assistance measures.

  • Category A – Category A measures are generally administered by the Department of Communities; however, there is assistance available to local governments for the removal of debris from residential properties to make them safe and habitable
  • Category B – Assistance is available for local governments for:
  • Emergency works for essential public assets within three (3) months from when the asset becomes accessible
  • Immediate reconstruction works for essential public assets within three (3) from when the asset becomes accessible
  • Reconstruction of essential public assets
  • Counter disaster operations carried out to protect communities and ensure public health and safety.
  • Additional Category B measures are available to primary producers and small businesses. These are administered by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) and the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD).
  • Categories C and D – Assistance measures available to the State, and administered by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) and the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD).

Guidelines, Factsheets and Templates

The DRFAWA Guideline and set of Factsheets and Templates have been created to help communities understand the measures available and help asset owners understand the requirements when undertaking the restoration of essential public assets.

Significant changes for state governments

Greater information is required to support estimates and claims

The DRFAWA requires far greater information to be provided by state governments for the repair of their essential public assets. A damage report, cost estimate and the supporting claim information must be provided.

Damage reports require evidence of the damage to the asset and must include pre-disaster condition and asset function information. The estimates must be verified by an engineer or quantity surveyor with the appropriate level of expertise and experience.

Templates have been developed to assist state governments with their asset repairs

These additional assurance methods are required by the Commonwealth.

Quarterly Estimates

State governments (and local governments) are required to provide quarterly cost estimate figures for recovery and essential public asset reconstruction activities they are undertaking, after an eligible disaster event. These quarterly estimate figures should reflect the amount they expect to spend in the current financial year, as well as two years forward. It is important that the financial data provided is accurate, as it informs both the State and the Commonwealth for budgeting purposes.

Introduction of emergency works and immediate reconstruction works

Under the DRFAWA there is an opportunity for emergency works, which are urgent activities necessary to temporarily restore an essential public asset, and immediate reconstruction works, which enable immediate activities to fully reconstruct an essential public asset. This applies for a strict three (3) month period from the date the essential public asset becomes accessible. The assurance requirements are not as great, with no asset function information required or verification from an engineer or quantity surveyor.


Please contact a DFES Recovery Funding Officer as soon as possible if your community has been impacted by an eligible disaster.

DFES has a window of three (3) months to notify the Commonwealth of a potential eligible event. Extensions are possible but require DFES to formally request this from the Commonwealth and supporting evidence is required.

Complete a Preliminary Damage and Costs Advice Form and email the form to


  • DFES Disaster Recovery Funding Officers
  • Email:
  • Phone: +61 8 6392 1642 or +61 8 6392 1639
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