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Female Firefighter Recruitment

Females in the Fire and Rescue Service

We are currently planning for the next trainee firefighter campaign. Whilst we are not able to provide an exact date that the campaign will commence, it will most likely be later this year.

To register your interest and to receive up to-date information, please click here.

Being a firefighter is a career that allows you to help people, often saving people’s lives. It is challenging, exciting and rewarding. DFES provides Firefighters with training, ongoing job security, and the opportunity for career advancement.


Joining the Team, Training and Fitness

The Firefighter recruitment process includes written aptitude testing, physical aptitude testing, interviews and other assessments to ensure suitability for the job. It is competitive but definitely not impossible.

High levels or physical fitness are vital as the job can be physically strenuous. Therefore, applicants must successfully complete physical aptitude tests based on physical tasks undertaken by firefighters in the course of their duties.

Once offered a position as a trainee Firefighter, all training is paid for on the job.

The Career

A career in the Fire and Rescue Service is dynamic, and offers many options. After completing the compulsory five year Firefighter Development Program, there are many opportunities to progress in rank and diversify into other roles in the department.

The role of a firefighter

The role of a DFES firefighter includes;

  • Emergency response to a wide variety of incidents
  • Community safety and hazard prevention
  • Maintaining Readiness
  • Training and support of volunteer firefighters
  • Conducting training and education for local businesses, schools, and the general community
  • Operating communications equipment



Firefighting is a rewarding and well respected career providing the opportunity to make a real difference in the community. However the biggest benefit is in the life changing skills you learn, and the many lifetime friendships you build along the way.

Other benefits of being a Firefighter with DFES include:

  • Weekly pay higher than most entry level positions in Western Australia.
  • Generous annual leave including;
    • - 32 days of annual leave every 208 day cycle;
    • - 13 weeks long service leave after 10 years then every 7 years thereafter;
    • - personal leave (for illness, caring and other personal situations) equivalent to 15 shifts per year; and
    • - Access to paid and unpaid maternity leave.
  • Membership to a generous, industry-specific defined benefit superannuation fund arrangements to ensure you have enough when you retire.
  • Free gym access at each station, the Academy and at the Cockburn Emergency Services Complex to assist with the fitness maintenance.

Women in the DFES Fire and Rescue Services

Family Friendly

DFES understands that maintaining a healthy balance between work and family life is important in any career. Firefighters work full time on a roster of two day shifts followed by two night shifts and four day break. This allows plenty of time at home with the family and friends offering a great work life balance.
Additional arrangements can be made to swap shifts with colleagues in some circumstances.

Supportive Environment

Wellness is important to us. Therefore, DFES offers a range of support services that are freely available to all DFES staff, volunteers and their immediate families. The support is built around several key services aimed at contributing to psychological and physical health and wellbeing.



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