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Firefighter Recruitment - Commitment

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Fire and rescue is a very different job to what you might expect and there are some things you should consider before applying.

Prevention work and community engagement are as much of a priority as response.

You will be required to successfully pass the Trainee Firefighter School before you can be appointed as a firefighter.

You could be posted to any career fire station in WA – regional or metropolitan.

It may take several years for you to obtain a permanent position on a station.

Until you are placed in a permanent position on a station, you will go into the relieving pool. This means you could be directed to work at a different station every shift.

Your shift and leave will be rostered. This means you may miss special events and not be able to take leave when you request it.

You are required to work shifts that cover days and nights, and cover each day of the week.

You and your fellow firefighters live and work as a team – you’ll be required to share sleeping quarters with males and females and undertake domestic duties including cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming and doing the dishes.

You may encounter situations that are hostile, traumatic and confronting, and there may be some health risks associated with firefighting. The benefits and rewards of helping the community are immeasurable however and you will play a vital role in making the Western Australian community safer and more resilient.

Commitment photo