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What's New

Changes to the Recruitment Process

The firefighter recruitment process will include a number of changes from previous campaigns.

Provide First Aid qualifications

One of the major changes is that HLTAID003 (Provide First Aid) will now be required at the time of your application. When you provide evidence of your qualification, you must insure that your qualification includes the exact competency code above. It is important to note that some health professionals with higher qualifications (eg. Nurses) do not necessarily have the competency required and still must obtain this specific qualification.

Fitness Testing

Unlike last year, there will be no cadenced sit-ups or push-ups in Stage 2. You will only be required to do the grip-strength test and then attempt to pass the Beep Test.

All other changes will be detailed in the Firefighter Recruitment Process document.


You are not required to submit your resume with your initial application. DFES will supply a template at a later date during the process for submission.


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