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Firefighter Recruitment

We are currently planning for the next trainee firefighter campaign. Whilst we are not able to provide an exact date that the campaign will commence, it will most likely be later this year.

To register your interest and to receive up to-date information on future recruitment campaigns, please click here.

DFES is strongly committed to building a diverse workforce that represents the diversity within WA and strongly encourages applications from Aboriginal people, young people, females, and people from culturally diverse backgrounds. On the right, there are links to more information about the job a Firefighter really does and the recruitment process. It also includes a number of frequently asked questions. Before you apply for the position of Trainee Firefighter, please take time to consider and understand the following:

  • All applicants hold Australian Citizenship or permanent residency status and will be required to provide evidence.
  • DFES has the ability to post successful applicants to any career fire station in Western Australia. The majority of positions currently available are in the southern corridor of the Perth Metropolitan area. There may also be vacancies in Kalgoorlie or Geraldton (to be confirmed).
  • On graduation from the school, Firefighters usually take up relieving positions which means that you could be directed to work at different stations every shift. It can take a number of years in some instances to obtain a permanent position on a station.
  • The recruitment process is highly competitive and we receive a large number of applications (can be in excess of 1,000) for a small number of positions. This means that DFES rates applicants at each stage and only the most highly rated continue through the process.
  • Due to the large number of applications, each stage will only be conducted on specified dates (these dates will be published as soon as they are finalised. Inability to attend on those dates will result in being unable to progress. There is no ability for DFES to consider individual requests.
  • The role of a Firefighter can be highly demanding, requiring you to go from a state of rest to maximum exertion in a very short period of time.
  • Firefighters work on a standard shift roster and their leave is also rostered. This means you will often miss special events, including Christmas, birthdays, weddings, etc. It is not always easy to change shifts or leave and you might find that you are required to take leave at times that don’t
    suit your family or others.
  • Firefighters deal with traumatic situations, including death, severe injury, and sometimes hostile and other confronting situations. The job is not for everyone and you should talk to your family, friends and other important people in your life before making a decision to apply.


Firefighter Recruitment Video​​​​​​


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