DFES - Department of Fire and Emergency Services
000 for fire or life threatening emergencies
132 500 for SES emergency assistance
13 DFES (13 3337) for emergency information
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Career Firefighter Training

Development and career progression of Firefighters is supported by a Pathways framework which outlines progression options and the competencies required  to undertake each role safely, efficiently and confidently. 

Trainee Firefighter School

Recruit firefighters are trained to DFES operational standards to take up duties on shift at the successful completion of the DFES Training Firefighter School..

The course runs over 18 weeks and covers key aspects of a firefighter’s role, including community safety, firefighting skills, breathing apparatus, rescue, hazardous materials, driving and workplace communication skills.

On successful completion, all firefighters enter the Firefighter Development Program.

Trainee Firefighter School

Firefighter Development Program (FDP)

This five year training program involves practical and theory components. On successful completion participants achieve the rank of Senior Firefighter.

Station Officer Development Program

This program is designed to provide Senior Firefighters with the skills and knowledge to become effective Station Officers.

This training program is completed in two phases over 28 weeks with on the job consolidation activities completed between phases .

Station Officer Development Program


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