fire alarm monitoring

Fire alarm monitoring services/direct brigade alarms

DFES provides a protected premises fire alarm monitoring network, known as the Direct Brigade Alarm (DBA).

This service is provided for all buildings within Western Australia that require a direct data link to a fire brigade (as required by the Building Code of Australia and relevant Australian Standards).

The network is owned and operated by DFES with management, administration and certain monitoring requirements sub contracted to Chubb Fire Alarm Monitoring Services (FAMS).

Chubb FAMS operates a Customer Service Centre on behalf of DFES and will contact the client and manage the monitoring of any faults. For more general information about this service, visit the Chubb FAMS website.

To get your alarm connected, please contact Chubb FAMS on 1300 793 722 or email To contact a DFES Direct Brigade Alarm representatives email

How to stay informed

To report suspicious persons or deliberate lighting of fires call Crime stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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