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Prepare for a Cyclone

On average five cyclones occur off Western Australia’s (WA) north-west coast each year, of these, two directly impact the coast and affect local communities.

Preparing your family and your property for a cyclone is your responsibility.

If you live in a cyclone prone region of WA, as a priority you need to get ready for the possibility of a cyclone between the months of November and April.

Planning before the cyclone season can help save lives, minimise property damage and help your family to cope during a cyclone.

Every year emergency services, volunteers, local and state governments and departments advise communities about the dangers of cyclones.

People also need to take proper precautions and responsibility for their own welfare, prepare property inside and out and develop a cyclone plan to ensure their safety.

DFES’s Cyclone Smart - Prepare, Take Action Recover can help you and your family prepare for the cyclone season.

Before the cyclone season starts each year complete the checklist in the Cyclone Smart brochure to protect your family and property.


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