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After an Earthquake

Going through an earthquake can be a frightening experience. Your home could be badly damaged, essential services cut and your family and friends may be in shock.

When returning home it is important to be prepared for any aftershocks and remain on alert for loose debris, weak foundations and other hazards.

What to do:

  • If people are injured apply first aid
  • Do not move the seriously injured people unless in immediate danger
  • In a life threatening emergency call triple zero (000)
  • Listen to the local radio and heed warnings or advice on damage, service disruptions and relocation
  • Do not return home until authorities advise it is safe to do so
  • Be careful of downed powerlines and falling debris
  • Use a torch when entering a building, never use matches, cigarette lighters or naked flames due to the potential of flammable gas
  • If your home has been damaged and you need help call the State Emergency Service (SES) on 132 500
  • Check for broken water, sewerage or electrical mains
  • Check for cracks or damage in the roof, walls and chimneys
  • Leave the building if it is badly damaged and threatens your safety
  • Take photographs as soon as possible for insurance purposes
  • Contact your insurance company to organise permanent repairs
  • Check on the whereabouts of pets and animals
  • Start cleaning up around your home, stack loose material clear of water metres, valve and telephone lines
  • Avoid driving unless for an emergency to keep streets free of unnecessary activity
  • Do not go sightseeing or enter damaged buildings
  • Stay calm and help others if possible

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