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Bushfire Publications


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Bushfire Manuals, Guides and Brochures

A_Guide_to_Preventing_and_Suppressing_Bushfires_on_Organic_and_Acid_Sulphate_Soils.pdfA Guide to Preventing and Suppressing Bushfires on Organic and Acid Sulphate Soils1318 KB
DFES-Bushfire-After-the-fire-bushfire.pdfAfter the Fire - A Guide to Bushfire Recovery3732 KB
DFES-Bushfire-Am_I_at_risk_from_bushfire.pdfAm I at Risk from Bushfire8005 KB
DFES_Bushfire-Bushfire_Ready_Groups.pdfBushfire Ready Groups554 KB
DFES_Bushfire_Travellers_Checklist.pdfBushfire Travellers Checklist574 KB
Examples of Critical Assets.pdfExamples of Critical Assets37 KB
DFES-Fire-Chat-Bushfire-Preparedness-Toolkit.pdfFire Chat - Bushfire Preparedness Toolkit1636 KB
DFES-Fire-Chat-Flyer.pdfFire Chat - Flyer1150 KB
Constructing-Firebreaks-Brochure.pdfFirebreak Location, Construction and Maintaining Guidelines2987 KB
FESA-Bushfire-GuidelinesforOperatingPrivateEquipment.pdfGuidelines for Operating Private Equipment2438 KB
DFES_Bushfire-Homeowners_Survival_Manual.pdfHomeowner's Bushfire Survival Manual5822 KB
My-Local-Fire-Information-Fridge-Magnet.pdfMy local fire information (Fridge Magnet)249 KB
FESA-Bushfire-Rural_Urban_Threat_Analysis.pdfRural Urban Threat Analysis702 KB

The Building Commission’s guide, Building for better protection in bushfire prone areas is also available for homeowners who wish to improve the design and construction of their home to minimise potential damage from bushfires.

The Policy and Guidelines for Planning in Bushfire Prone Areas are available on the Department of Planning website.


Fact Sheets​​

DFES_Bushfire_Factsheet-Total_Fire_Bans.pdfTotal Fire Bans466 KB
DFES-Bushfire-Factsheet-Renting-and-bushfires.pdfRenting and bushfires786 KB
DFES-Bushfire-Factsheet-Safer_places_in_a_bushfire.pdfSafer places in a bushfire937 KB
DFES-Bushfire-Factsheet-Sheltering_in_your_home.pdfSheltering in your home815 KB
DFES-Bushfire-Factsheet-Travelling_during_a_bushfire.pdfTravelling during a bushfire835 KB
DFES-Bushfire-Factsheet-Bushfire_risks_and_dangers.pdfBushfire risks and dangers878 KB
DFES-Bushfire-Factsheet-Bushfire_warning_system.pdfBushfire Warning System847 KB
DFES-Bushfire-Factsheet-Evaporative_airconditioners.pdfEvaporative Air Conditioners323 KB
DFES-Bushfire-Factsheet-Horses_and_bushfires.pdfHorses and bushfires718 KB
DFES-Bushfire-Factsheet-How_do_I_keep_informed.pdfHow do I keep informed?816 KB
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Bushfire Forms

DFES-Application-form-FireBanExemptions.pdfTotal Fire Ban Exemption Application Form187 KB
DFES-Application-form-Info-Sheet-FireBanExemptions.docxTotal Fire Ban Exemption Application Form (Information Sheet - Editable)90 KB
DFES-Application-form-Info-Sheet-FireBanExemptions.pdfTotal Fire Ban Exemption Application Form (Information Sheet)189 KB
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Research - Visual Fuel Guides

FESA-Grass_Curing_Visual_Guide.pdfGrass Curing Visual Guide for WA2053 KB
FESA-Kimb_Visual_Fuel_Load_Guide_2007.pdfVisual Fuel Load Guide for the Kimberley Region2112 KB
FESA-Pilbara_Visual_Fuel_Load_Guide_Pilbara_09.pdfVisual Fuel Load Guide for the Pilbara Region7646 KB
FESA-VFLG_Denmark.pdfVisual Fuel Load Guide Denmark3420 KB
FESA-VFLG_EspPlains.pdfVisual Fuel Load Guide Esperance Plains2674 KB
FESA-VFLG_Goldfields_Part1_0-9_6T_ha.pdfVisual Fuel Load Guide Goldfields (Part 1)2962 KB
FESA-VFLG_Goldfields_Part2_10-30+T_ha.pdfVisual Fuel Load Guide Goldfields (Part 2)1912 KB
Visual Fuel Load Guide Swan Coastal.pdfVisual Fuel Load Guide Swan Coastal Plain and Darling Scarp8833 KB
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Research - Bushfire Protection Planning

DFES_Kimberley_Burning_Guidelines.pdfKimberley Burning Guidelines 20141311 KB
FESA_Guidelines_for_RIC_Fire_Management_Plans.pdfGuidelines for RIC Fire Management Plans1308 KB
FESA_Model_Bush_Fire_Management_Plan.pdfModel_Bushfire_Management_Plan1521 KB
FESA-Building_Protection_Zone_Standards.pdfBuilding Protection Zone Standards538 KB
FESA-Examples_of_Critical_Assets.pdfExamples of Critical Assets (Building Protection Zones)37 KB
FESA-Government_building_survivability_assessment-8-12-V3.pdfGovernment Building Bushfire Survivability Assessment291 KB
FESA-Guidelines_for_Pastoral_Station_Fire_Management_Plans.pdfGuidelines for Pastoral Station Fire Management Plans751 KB
Guidelines_for_Plantation_Fire_Protection_2011_final.pdfGuidelines for Plantation Fire Protection3054 KB
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Research - InfoNotes

DFES-InfoNote-BuildingProtectionZone.pdfWhat is a Building Protection Zone? (Withdrawn)818 KB
DFES-InfoNote-BushfireEmberProtectionScreens.pdfBushfire Ember Protection Screens for Evaporative Air Conditioning Units1003 KB
DFES-InfoNote-GreenWaste.pdfBulk Green Waste Storage Fires720 KB
DFES-InfoNote-MulchandCigaretteFires.pdfMulch and Cigarette Fires915 KB
DFES-InfoNote-ProtectiveClothing.pdfWhat protective clothing should I wear when I burn the bush?346 KB
DFES-InfoNote-RemoteCommunities.pdfHow do we protect remote communities from bushfires?706 KB
DFES-InfoNote-ShedsinBuildingProtectionZones.pdfSheds in a Building Protection Zone (Withdrawn)684 KB
DFES-InfoNote-ForestFuelLoadsinUrbanInterface.pdfWhy we need to manage forest fuel loads in the urban interface zone681 KB
DFES-InfoNote-WhatisKBDI.pdfWhat is the Keetch-Byram Drought Index?675 KB
Fuel Loads in Banksia Woodlands.pdfFuel Loads in Banksia Woodlands709 KB
The Effects of Pyrocumulonimbus on Fire Behaviour Management Info Note.pdfThe Effects of Pyrocumulonimbus on Fire Behaviour Management1100 KB
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Please also refer to the Reports page for Major Incident reviews.

FESA-Investigation-of-house-losses-Toodyay-Fire-2009.pdfInvestigation of the House Losses in the Toodyay Bushfire 29 Dec 20092123 KB
FESA-Investigation-of-house-losses-Roleystone-Kelmscott-Fire-2011.pdfInvestigation of the House Losses in the Roleystone/Kelmscott Bushfire 6 Feb 20113384 KB
Margaret River Fire 23 November 2011 - House Loss Survey Final Report.pdfMargaret River Fire 23 November 2011 - House Loss Survey Report8165 KB
DFES-Report-on-Bushfire-Behaviour-House-Damage-Parkerville-Mt-Helena-Stoneville-12-Jan-2014.pdfReport on Bushfire Behaviour and House Damage and Destruction during the Parkerville, Mt Helena and Stoneville Bushfire on 12th January 20146526 KB
DFES-Bushfire-Experiences-Parkerville-Bushfire-Jan12-2014.pdfCapturing Community Members' Bushfire Experiences - Interviews with Residents Following 12 January 2014 Parkerville Fire2002 KB
DFES-Bushfire-Experiences-Parkerville-Bushfire-Jan12-2014-Supplementary-Report.pdfCapturing Community Members' Bushfire Experiences - Interviews with Residents Following 12 January 2014 Parkerville Fire - Supplementary Report6439 KB

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