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Agencies & Client Managers

Health and Community Service Agencies have a responsibility to plan for bushfire emergencies. This ensures the health and safety of their direct care workers and staff, and to improve the safety of their in-home clients.

Implementing processes from the following guide will assist Agencies to adopt and embed policies which help them to prepare and respond to bushfire emergencies affecting their direct care workers and in-home clients. This guideline also forms part of business continuity planning that helps Agencies to prepare for a disruptive event.

The Agency Guide above is supported by a range of resources and information, including resources specifically developed for service providers and their clients.

A Guide for Service Providers
(PDF - 5.67 MB)
Bushfire Exercise Scenarios
(PDF - 308 KB)
Bushfire Client Factsheet
(PDF 299 KB)
Be Safe & Leave Early Plan
(PDF - 350 KB)
Bushfire risks and dangers
Bushfire risks
& dangers

(PDF - 314 KB)
Bushfire warning system
Bushfire warning

(PDF - 322 KB)
How do I keep informed?
How do I keep

(PDF - 388 KB)
Am I at Risk of Bushfires?
Am I at risk of Bushfires??
(PDF - 388 KB)

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