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Fire Alarm Monitoring Services / Direct Brigade Alarms

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) provides a protected premises fire alarm monitoring network, known as the Direct Brigade Alarm (DBA) network.

This service is provided for all buildings within Western Australia and the Indian Ocean Territories (Christmas and Cocos Islands) that require a direct data link to a fire control station as required by the Building Code of Australia and relevant Australian Standards.

DFES owns and operates the network on behalf of the State. Unlike most other jurisdictions throughout Australia, the DBA network is not privatised within WA.

DFES has sub contracted the management, administration, and certain monitoring requirements to Chubb Fire Alarm Monitoring Services (FAMS), however, DFES retains ownership and overall responsibility for the network.

Chubb FAMS monitor the network for fault signals from customer premises and Chubb FAMS will contact the client and manage the monitoring of these faults.

Chubb FAMS also maintains and operates a Customer Service Centre (CSC) on behalf of DFES.

For questions such as:

  • How do I do it? (i.e. how do I get my alarm connected?) Please contact FAMS on 1300 793 722 or wacsc@chubb.com.au
  • Can I do it (i.e. am I allowed to install a fire panel here) Please contact the DFES Direct Brigade Alarms Manager on (08) 9482 1750 or brendan.o'regan@dfes.wa.gov.au

For all queries about Fire Alarm Monitoring and the Direct Brigade Alarm Network, please visit the Chubb FAMS website at www.firealarmmonitoringservices.com.au​​


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