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If downlights are not correctly installed or maintained they can set fire to insulation, wiring, leaf litter or timber which can burn undetected in the roof space above smoke alarms.

Old or poorly installed ceiling downlights are thought to cause at leat one house fire a week in Western Australia.

What can you do to prevent a downlight fire in your home?

  • Always use a licensed electrical contractor and ask to see their Electrical Safety Certificate
  • Ask a licensed electrical contractor to inspect all downlights and transformers
  • Ensure a non-combustible or mechanical barrier is installed to prevent insulation or other combustible material covering downlights
  • Always use fittings and guards that meet Australian Standards
  • Following any work in your roof space, request your licensed electrical contractor or insulation installer to inspect all downlights and transformers to ensure they are clear of insulation or other combustible material
  • Consider replacing 240 volt incandescent globes with compact fluorescent globes that produce less heat
  • Consider replacing 12 volt halogen (dichroic) globes with Light Emitting Diodes (LED) that produce considerably less heat

To learn more about installation guidelines for downlights


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