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Home Fire Escape Plan

Each year in Western Australia, structural fires result in injury and death and create significant property damage.

If you develop a home escape plan you will know how to leave quickly and safely if a fire starts in your home.

DFES recommends you discuss your plan with all household members to develop a strategy to escape from a fire in any room.

The following points are important to consider:

  • Plan for two ways to get out every room, if possible
  • Decide on a safe place outside the home for all householders to meet in the event of a fire at the letterbox for example
  • Make sure security doors can be unlocked quickly from the inside
  • Consider householders with special needs Those who are very young, elderly or infirm
  • Consider an escape route for your pets
  • Draw an escape plan on paper, discuss it with your household and practise it once a year

Important to remember:

  • To ensure you are alerted to a home fire (especially at night)install smoke alarms, test them regularly and replace batteries at least once a year
  • Once outside a house on fire, do not go back in
  • Dial Triple Zero (000) once you have escaped a house fire

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