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Safety Recommendations

Stop, Drop, Cover and Roll

Stop, Drop, Cover and Roll is a procedure used to extinguish a person’s clothing that has caught alight.

  • Step one
    If a person’s clothing should catch on fire they should immediately stop where they are as running will fan the flames.
  • Step two
    The person should then drop to the ground immediately.
  • Step three
    Once on the ground the person should cover their face with their hands to prevent burns to the face and stop smoke entering the respiratory system.
  • Step four
    To assist a person with burning clothing roll them back and forth on the ground, or smother the flames with a fire blanket.
    Never beat the fire as this only increases oxygen flow to the fire, causing the fire to grow larger.

Tips to protect your property from fire

  • Install mains powered smoke alarms
  • Develop and practice an Escape Plan with household members
  • When installing security, always select a licensed installer
  • When installing heating systems only used qualified tradesmen
  • Guard open fires with a fine mesh screen to prevent sparks and logs falling out
  • Clean chimney and flues regularly from built-up ash and soot
  • Be alert when cooking and never leave food unattended
  • Never leave lit cigarettes to burn unattended
  • Never leave children unattended with candles, matches and lighters
  • Only purchase fire blankets and extinguishers that meet Australian Standards
  • Know what to do if a person’s clothing catches on fire; stop, drop, cover and roll

Lithium-ion battery safety

Lithium-ion batteries may catch fire if they are overcharged. The fire is self-sustaining and cannot be easily extinguished by water spray or use of a fire extinguisher. To learn how to charge lithium-ion batteries safely and avoid the risk of fire, visit the Department of mines, Industry Regulation and Safety website.


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