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Smoke Alarms


More than 50 people across Australia die each year as a result of home fires, with many more injured. Many of these homes do not have a working smoke alarm.

Only working smoke alarms can provide the critical early warning needed to save lives and minimise property damage. When you are asleep you lose your sense of smell. A smoke alarm is your electronic nose and will alert you if there is smoke from a fire.

A small fire can grow to involve an entire room in up to four minutes. A smoke alarm provides early warning and time to escape.

All smoke alarms:
  • Need to be tested and cleaned regularly
  • Need to be replaced after 10 years.

DFES recommends photoelectric smoke alarms.

Smoke alarm regulations require owners to have mains powered smoke alarms fitted to all residential properties in Western Australia that are subject to sale, rent or hire. It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that the smoke alarms fitted are:

  • No more than 10 years old
  • In working order
  • Permanently connected to mains power.

How do I test and clean my smoke alarm?

Monthly: Test by pressing the test button with a broom handle

Yearly: Vacuum around your smoke alarm vents

Yearly: Use a surface insect spray around the smoke alarm to prevent insects nesting inside

Yearly: Replace your 9 volt battery each year on 1 April

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