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Heaters and Screen Wood Fires

Fixed heating installation should only be carried out by a qualified installer to ensure all standards relevant to the style of heater have been met.

Things to consider when installing a heating system:

  • Ensure adequate room ventilation
  • Provide adequate flueing for the heating system
  • Ensure adequate clearances to combustible materials (such as roof and structural timbers) are maintained
  • Use a licensed installer

Wood, oil and gas heating:

  • Use only heating appliances that meet approved standards
  • Ensure heaters are installed and maintained to the manufacturer’s specifications
  • Always use a fire screen in front of open fireplaces to prevent sparks and logs rolling out
  • Never leave children unsupervised near heaters or open fireplaces
  • Extinguish all flames and embers completely from open fires before going to bed or leaving the house
  • Keep combustible materials such as clothes and furniture away from a heating appliance
  • Clean your flue or chimney at least once a year to prevent a build up of flammable material and ensure your heater works efficiently
  • Regularly check the flue and chimney for cracks or damage as sparks and embers may enter the roof space and start a fire
  • Do not use combustible liquids to light open fires or combustion stoves (use firelighters instead)
  • When disposing of ash, ensure it is completely cool and no embers remain



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