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Fire in the Home Publications


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Fire in the Home - Manuals, Guidelines and Brochures

DFES_FireintheHome-Fire_Extinguishers.pdfFire Extinguishers903 KB
Fire_Safety_Multi-Storey_Residential_Buildings.pdfFire Safety in Multi-Storey Residential Buildings2273 KB
DFES_FireintheHome-Fire_Safety_in_your_Home.pdfFire Safety in the Home3026 KB
DFES_FireintheHome-Caring_for_Seniors.pdfFire Safety in Your Home - Caring for Seniors423 KB
DFES_FireintheHome-Aboriginal_Fire_Safety_in_your_Home.pdfHome Fire Safety for Aboriginal Families1869 KB
DFES_Fireinthehome_Picking_up_the_Pieces.pdfPicking up the Pieces - After fire in your home848 KB
Smoke-Alarm-Laws-Fact-Sheet-Building-and-Energy.pdfSmoke Alarm Laws - Fact Sheet Building and Energy327 KB
DFES_FireintheHome-Smoke_Alarms_Factsheet.pdfSmoke Alarms - 10 Year Replacement Poster564 KB
DFES_FireintheHome-SmokeAlarm-Legislative-Requirements-LAWS.pdfSmoke Alarms - Legislative Requirements - Laws284 KB
DFES_FireintheHome-SmokeAlarm-Renting-Selling-FAQs.pdfSmoke Alarms - Legislative Requirements - Renting, Selling or Hiring Your Property645 KB
DFES_FireintheHome-SmokeAlarm-Legislative-Requirements-FAQs.pdfSmoke Alarms - Legislative Requirements FAQs494 KB
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Fire in the Home - Translated Publications

DFES_Home_fire_Safety-Amharic.pdfHome Fire Safety (Amharic)2833 KB
DFES_Home_fire_Safety-Arabic.pdfHome Fire Safety (Arabic)2514 KB
DFES_Home_fire_Safety-Chin-hakha.pdfHome Fire Safety (Chin-Hakha)2771 KB
DFES_Home_fire_Safety-Dari.pdfHome Fire Safety (Dari)2520 KB
DFES_Home_fire_Safety-Farsi.pdfHome Fire Safety (Farsi)2519 KB
DFES_Home_fire_Safety-French.pdfHome Fire Safety (French)2771 KB
DFES_Home_fire_Safety-Indonesian.pdfHome Fire Safety (Indonesian)2780 KB
DFES_Home_fire_Safety-Karen.pdfHome Fire Safety (Karen)4265 KB
DFES_Home_fire_Safety-Kirundi.pdfHome Fire Safety (Kirundi)2772 KB
DFES_Home_fire_Safety-Simplified-chinese.pdfHome Fire Safety (Simplified Chinese)2884 KB
DFES_Home_fire_Safety-Somali.pdfHome Fire Safety (Somali)2780 KB
DFES_Home_fire_Safety-Swahili.pdfHome Fire Safety (Swahili)2777 KB
DFES_Home_fire_Safety-Traditional-chinese.pdfHome Fire Safety (Traditional Chinese)2902 KB
DFES_Home_fire_Safety-Vietnamese.pdfHome Fire Safety (Vietnamese)2806 KB
FESA_FireintheHome-Picking_up_the_Pieces-Amharic.pdfPicking up the Pieces - After a Fire in the Home (Amharic)874 KB
FESA_FireintheHome-Picking_up_the_Pieces-Arabic.pdfPicking up the Pieces - After a Fire in the Home (Arabic)786 KB
FESA_FireintheHome-Picking_up_the_Pieces-Cantonese.pdfPicking up the Pieces - After a Fire in the Home (Cantonese)946 KB
FESA_FireintheHome-Picking_up_the_Pieces-Chin.pdfPicking up the Pieces - After a Fire in the Home (Chin)768 KB
FESA_FireintheHome-Picking_up_the_Pieces-Dari.pdfPicking up the Pieces - After a Fire in the Home (Dari)787 KB
FESA_FireintheHome-Picking_up_the_Pieces-Farsi.pdfPicking up the Pieces - After a Fire in the Home (Farsi)779 KB
FESA_FireintheHome-Picking_up_the_Pieces-French.pdfPicking up the Pieces - After a Fire in the Home (French)777 KB
FESA_FireintheHome-Picking_up_the_Pieces-Indonesian.pdfPicking up the Pieces - After a Fire in the Home (Indonesian)769 KB
FESA_FireintheHome-Picking_up_the_Pieces-Karen.pdfPicking up the Pieces - After a Fire in the Home (Karen)875 KB
FESA_FireintheHome-Picking_up_the_Pieces-Kirundi.pdfPicking up the Pieces - After a Fire in the Home (Kirundi)773 KB
FESA_FireintheHome-Picking_up_the_Pieces-Mandarin.pdfPicking up the Pieces - After a Fire in the Home (Mandarin)878 KB
FESA_FireintheHome-Picking_up_the_Pieces-Somali.pdfPicking up the Pieces - After a Fire in the Home (Somali)770 KB
FESA_FireintheHome-Picking_up_the_Pieces-Sudanese-Arabic.pdfPicking up the Pieces - After a Fire in the Home (Sudanese Arabic)779 KB
FESA_FireintheHome-Picking_up_the_Pieces-Swahili.pdfPicking up the Pieces - After a Fire in the Home (Swahili)771 KB
FESA_FireintheHome-Picking_up_the_Pieces-Vietnamese.pdfPicking up the Pieces - After a Fire in the Home (Vietnamese)772 KB
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Fire in the Home - Fact Sheets

DFES-Home-Fire-Safety-Fact-Sheet1-Fire-Safety-in-Your-Home-this-Winter.pdfHome Fire Safety Fact Sheet 1 - Fire Safety in Your Home this Winter576 KB
DFES-Home-Fire-Safety-Fact-Sheet2-Power-Board-Safety.pdfHome Fire Safety Fact Sheet 2 - Power Board Safety644 KB
DFES-Home-Fire-Safety-Fact-Sheet3-Cooking-in-the-Kitchen.pdfHome Fire Safety Fact Sheet 3 - Cooking in the Kitchen597 KB
DFES-Home-Fire-Safety-Fact-Sheet4-Home-Heating-Safety.pdfHome Fire Safety Fact Sheet 4 - Home Heating Safety561 KB
DFES-Home-Fire-Safety-Fact-Sheet5-Candles-Lighters-and-Matches.pdfHome Fire Safety Fact Sheet 5 - Candles, Lighters and Matches598 KB
DFES-Home-Fire-Safety-Fact-Sheet6-Downlights-Home-Owners.pdfHome Fire Safety Fact Sheet 6 - Downlights (Home Owners)548 KB
DFES-Home-Fire-Safety-Fact-Sheet7-Downlights-Electrical-Contractors.pdfHome Fire Safety Fact Sheet 7 - Downlights (Electrical Contractors)531 KB
DFES-Smoke-Alarm-Fact-Sheet1-Types-of-Smoke-Alarms.pdfSmoke Alarm Fact Sheet 1 - Types of Smoke Alarms559 KB
DFES-Smoke-Alarm-Fact-Sheet2-Changing-Your-Smoke-Alarm-Battery.pdfSmoke Alarm Fact Sheet 2 - Changing your Smoke Alarm Battery537 KB
DFES-Smoke-Alarm-Fact-Sheet3-Replace-Your-Smoke-Alarm-Every-10-Years.pdfSmoke Alarm Fact Sheet 3 - Replace your Smoke Alarm Every 10 Years535 KB
DFES-Smoke-Alarm-Fact-Sheet4-Maintaining-Your-Smoke-Alarms.pdfSmoke Alarm Fact Sheet 4 - Maintaining your Smoke Alarms552 KB
DFES-Smoke-Alarm-Fact-Sheet5-Installing-Smoke-Alarms.pdfSmoke Alarm Fact Sheet 5 - Installing Smoke Alarms1129 KB
DFES-Home-Fire-Safety-Info-Note-Linseed-Oil.pdfHome Fire Safety Info Note - Linseed Oil1052 KB
DFES-Home-Fire-Safety-Info-Note-Spontaneous-Combustion.pdfHome Fire Safety Info Note - Spontaneous Combustion1071 KB
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Fire Safety in the Home - Multimedia

The Fire Safety in Your Home DVD was produced in 12 languages and raises awareness of home fire safety, addressing the eight major home fire risks through scenarios acted by CALD community members.

The DVD was launched on 30 April 2011 at Malaga Fire Station and is used by DFES staff and volunteers to increase home fire safety awareness in CALD communities.

The DVD is also available online through the links below, or through the Metropolitan Migrant Resource Centre. Please select a language below. Windows Media Player is required to view some of these streaming videos.

Captioned Version: Click here to stream a captioned version of the video.

Sudanese Arabic
Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia


Fire Safety in the Home - Other Resources

Basic home fire safety information is now included in the qualifications for a range of community services workers. The lesson materials for this have been centrally developed to ensure their application and use in all states and territories. In addition to their use in formal training the material is also recommended for use by community agencies in staff induction for new workers and skills maintenance for existing workers.

AFAC Home Fire Safety Training Materials 


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